Anorexia Nervosa – Conclusion

AN presents a core challenge to health outcomes with uncontained cases resulting in mortality. The psychopathology of AN, as evaluated in this paper, presents critical information that would help in its management. AN’s prevalence ranges between 0.3% and 1%, with its diagnosis criteria advanced in instruments such as DSM-IV and ICD-10. The diagnosis criteria include characteristics based on weight, body perception, hormonal fluctuations and behavioral manifestations. Due to comorbid conditions such as depression, social phobia and obsessive-compulsive disorder that exhibit similar symptoms, AN diagnosis may be problematic. However, classical features such as obsessive fear of gaining weight and ritualistic concern with caloric content of ingested food may help distinguish AN from conditions with similar manifestations. When diagnosed, treatment approaches may entail cognitive-behavioral therapy, family therapy, hospitalization and, in some cases, medication.


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