Article review – leadership(literature review)

The article’s comprehensive and appropriate application of supporting literature is evident right from the introductory part. Additionally, the article employs up-to-date references, with some of the cited references being as recent as two years to the article’s publication date, and discussing aspects related to the purpose of the current study (e.g. Tjosvold & Yu, 2004; Lim & Ployhart, 2004; Judge, Colbert & Ilies 2004). The appropriate use of referencing is exemplified in the introductory segment, where the article reinforces its advancements about team performance, increasing importance of teams within the organization, and definitions of what a team constitutes, through appropriate citation of relevant literature.

The comprehensive use of supporting literature is not limited to the introductory content. Such use expands to the entire paper as exemplified by the parts discussing leadership, knowledge, abilities and intelligence, cohesion, and gender. Additionally, the methodology applied, specifically about the simulation of a business scenario, is derived from prior literature. While noting the limitations of the study, the authors also point out to other research that, if used to determine measures of variables such as leadership style (p. 71), could have led to different findings from the article’s findings. Accordingly, the authors address the literature review component of their article in a comprehensive manner, thus enhancing the reliability of the article. Go to part 3 here.

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