Aspects that have Influenced Nike’s Brand Image

Aspects ranging from the use of sports personalities for endorsement to association of Nike with sweatshops have influenced its brand. Nike has used sports personality to endorse its products thus boost its brand image from its foundation years. For instance, the entity is noted to have used athletes at even at its foundation years, to not only test its products but also influence the perception of its products in its markets (Datamonitor 6). Currently, the entity continues to use famous sports personalities in different sports as while as sponsoring various tournaments where its brands are displayed.

Use of famous sports personalities could have diverse effects on the entity’s brand image. When poorly matched up with the brand, the use of famous sports personality adversely affect the image of the brand thus reduce its effect as a marketing tool (Liu, Huang and Minghua 359). Additionally, unfavorable publicity relating to sports personalities who serve as ambassadors for the entity brand could have adverse effects on the brand image of the company. Nike for instance experienced such negative effects with negative publicity that Tiger Woods attracted in 2010, with the entity having used him previously to build its presence in the market for Golf products (Bustillo 1).

Nike’s brand image was also affected adversely by negative publicity regarding its production activities located offshore. The association of the entity’s production facilities with unethical labor practices lowered the entity’s perception as an ethical manufacturer thus affecting its image in places such as North America and Europe (Boje and Khan 11-12). Such cases arose even when Nike has consistently faced criticism as one of the entities that have led to high unemployment in the developed countries by adopting an aggressive outsourcing strategy (Boje and Khan 11-12). The entity thus needs to manage such publicity to avoid losing its image as a responsible employer.

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