Association of Media Violence and Real Life Violence

Various factors could influence the external behavior of a person and the variations of such behavior in different people. Personality has for example been argued as the internal process that influences an individual’s external behavior (Staats 137). Personality is however in itself influenced by other factors which include biological factors such as the genetic makeup of an individual. Differences in neurochemical composition between two individuals for example lead to differences in neural activity which further affects the sensitivity of an individual to conditioned stimuli (Zuckerman 85). Social factors have also been advanced to influence an individual’s personality. Such influences are primarily inferred on an individual from the basic interactions with family members, peers and the community. Ultimate behavioral traits are however inferred by observational learning which includes the influence brought about by both social and biological factors (Zuckerman 86). Such observational learning in the modern day is not only attributable to social groups but the mass media as a means of conveying information.

Technological advancements have altered the way of life both at an individual and society levels. The mass media for example have permeated every aspect of cultural and individual daily lives. The influence of these media has been to the extent of eliminating the social structures through which children are brought up to learn aspects of human interactions and behavior. Such change in society settings could have resulted into the molding of individual personalities and behavioral traits influenced by the different forms of media.  Various aggressive behavior variants have for example been proposed to result from television programming, movies and video games which designate the outcomes of violence as heroism. The display of violent behavior in the mass media and its various forms has elicited inquiries into whether such result into violent behavior in the real life. Assessing the existence of such an association forms the core objective that this paper wishes to address. continue to part 2.

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