Challenges to Recruitment and Retaining Human Resource in Global Market

The increasing trend towards globalization, though having numerous advantages for firms, has also brought along a number of challenges. Some of these challenges have been with respect to human resource management (HRM) aspects of business such as recruitment and talent management. Due to increased mobility of labor that has been brought about by forces of globalization, companies are for instance finding a wide cultural diversity in their workforce (Seymen, 2006). Organizations must therefore continuously explore ways for effective cultural management to provide a better working environment hence achieve functional teams that spur firm growth (Seymen, 2006). With respect to ethical issues that have generated much concern in the modern business environment; HRM has also faced the challenge of ensuring that a firm’s ethical policies achieve a fairness rating amongst the employees (Weaver & Trevino, 2001). Such enhances the possibility of these programs achieving positive outcomes such as employee commitment (Weaver & Trevino, 2001). The diverse HRM challenges that organizations are faced with have not only necessitated firms to establish astute recruitment programs but also to develop effective programs to retain existing staff.

One aspect that has changed the global recruitment practices has been brought about by technological advancements. The growing use of technology in many business processes is for instance being increasingly incorporated into staff sourcing aspects of HRM departments. Firms that have expanded beyond boarders are also faced with the choice of either sourcing manpower locally or exporting such manpower. Further employees that have attained some degree of expertise would always attract job offers from competing firms. These cases only exemplify the glowing challenges that human resource managers are faced with in attempts to provide firms with the right personnel and conditions that drive better performance for the entity. Such challenges form the subject that this paper wishes to address through a review of literature. Challenges to HRM with respect to staff recruitment and talent management and alternative strategies for dealing with such challenges will be assessed. From such a basis the paper will present a perspective as to the best approach for managers to deal with international recruitment and talent management challenges.

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