Communication Objectives for Blackberry

The SWOTs identified necessitate RIM to develop a communication strategy that enables it to realize the opportunities presented without enhancing its susceptibility to the threats posed by the environment. The first communication objective for blackberry is to reduce negative publicity brought about by copyrights infringement litigation, glitches in product launches and service outage. To achieve such an objective, the entity needs to highlight its commitment to ethical business practices, and continued development of its systems to offer extended user capabilities.

Secondly, market communication should seek to recover the market share lost to competitors. Such communications would involve rewarding loyal customers with better product offerings and free applications embedded in the entity’s core products. The entity should also create a consumer-centric marketing approach that seeks to enhance consumer-brand associations. Such can be achieved not by highlighting the product functionalities in marketing communication, but by supporting causes that target customers identify with. Such a consumer-centric approach differs from a product-centered approach that was effective when the entity’s corporate clients offered the highest potential for growth.

Market communications for blackberry should also seek to familiarize its enterprise solutions in areas where cloud computing is gaining momentum. In this respect, the entity would embark on targeted communication that highlight the special security features that the entity provides for customers interested in cloud computing solutions for their entities. For instance, advertisements placed in business and technology magazines that address issues related to cloud computing could help the entity reach the relevant market. Communications targeted to the emerging markets where business entities are warming to the internet could enhance the Blackberry’s market in such regions

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