Dissemination strategy for the research project discussed in Archambault (2012)

In the introduction, this paper briefly describes the research project and explains the main aims of the dissemination strategy suggested in Archambault (2012). It then highlights the  significance of the research project and identifies the audiences to whom the research is relevant. In doing so, the paper goes beyond the general terms to explain explain how and why it is significant to particular groups of research users, while highlighting the potential barriers to reaching particular audiences and the difficulties this might present.

After the introduction, the writer sets out her dissemination strategy, explaining how and why the different elements within the strategy will enable her to communicate the results of the research effectively and usefully to the audiences. Further, each element of the strategy is critically evaluated by exploring the practical and ethical problems engendered by the strategy, and showing the research limitations.

Finally, in a short conclusion, the aims of the dissemination strategy are presented with a reflection on how the strategy will help to meet such aims. You can get a custom written paper on this topic at discounted prices by clicking on the image below.

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