Did the government utilize the Seven Cardinal Rules of Risk Communication, following the September 11th terrorist attacks

Effective communication of risk needs to observe various rules that help alleviate catastrophic outcomes. Of the various approaches for risk  communication, the following seven rules offer guidelines for effective risk communication. First, the risk communicator needs to accept and involve the public as a legitimate partner. During disaster management, the risk manager must realize in advance that the public is going to want to be involved and will find a way to be involved. As such, including them enables the entity to avoid exacerbating the adverse outcomes of the risk. Second,  the risk communicator needs to  Listen to the audience as a way to foster effective dialogue that can lead to most appropriate course of action to solve the crisis.

In the subsequent paper, a brief overview of the seven rules is presented followed by an analysis on whether  the U.S. government utilized the Seven Cardinal Rules of Risk Communication following the September 11th terrorist attacks. In analyzing the case, the discussion centers on the rules that the government implemented, how it implemented these rules,  and what it could have executed better.

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