Do video Games Desensitize Children towards “Real Life” Violence – introduction

The influence of video game on children’s behavior and perception of the real life events has elicited public debate and research, especially concerning their likelihood to desensitize children towards violence in real life. Particularly, opinions have differed on whether such video games influence children to perceive violence as a normal occurrence, thus facilitating their acquisition of aggressive and violent traits. With increasing prevalence of violence-themed video games, a need for establishing their effect on a child’s acquisition of aggressive and violent traits exists. Complicating the issue, however, is the existence of research findings supporting either side of the debate. Nevertheless, as argued subsequently in this paper, the evidence from research, social discourse including music, and other real life occurrences supports the desensitization thesis, thus necessitating a need for a policy to control the proliferation of violent video games, especially their provision to children at early developmental stages. Proceed to the literature review

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