Editing and Proofreading services

When you have a draft that needs only a few edits, our editing and proofreading services can help you to save huge amounts. When you order an editing service, our writers will make up to 30 percent changes in your content to make that it meets the requirements of the paper. Editing involves aspects such as modifying paper organization, correcting referencing mistakes, making the thesis statement more pronounced, and correcting for grammar mistakes.

On the contrary, our proofreading services enable you to make the maximum saving where only a few changes in the paper are needed. When you ask us to proofread your paper, we will check for grammar, referencing mistakes, and paper format mistakes. We make up to 10 percent changes in your content, and correct all the grammar mistakes. In the case of proofreading, we will however not make additional research nor add more references. Cases where proofreading services are appropriate are where you need us to check your final draft to ensure that it meets the requirements that you are required to meet.

In case of substantial changes needed, please consider requesting for editing or rewriting services so that we can offer a paper that meets your expectations. Since we take all our papers through editorial review, most of the proofreading cases involve papers not initially written by our writers. This is because, for custom papers written by our writers, we have editors who review the papers and return to the writer where the papers do not meet your instructions and the level of writing required.  You can order our custom writing services to enjoy such services. However, if you already have a draft, you can either ask for rewriting, editing, or proofreading services based on the extent of changes that you need to be made on the paper.

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