Effects of Achievement Gap in the US education

Despite the controversy regarding the causes of achievement gap, the gap has predominant negative implications to the US. For instance, according to a report published in 2009 by McKinsey & Company, the economic effects of persisting achievement gap are equivalent to effects of a permanent national recession. Additionally, failure to address the achievement gap, according to the report, has resulted into an increasing gap in performance between the US and many OECD countries. In terms of individual outcomes, an individual’s test scores influence ones access to employment and enhanced earnings (Jencks & Phillips, 1998, pp. 40-41). Employment and earnings in turn affect ones socio-economic status (SES), which has been argued to contribute to the achievement gap as evident from differences in test-score performance between children from families of different SES (McKinsey & Company, 2009; Lareau, 1987). Such implications indicate that the achievement gap does not only impede society’s economic wellbeing but also negatively affects its social structure with possible conflicts resulting from the achievement gap perpetuating inequality in society. Go to part three here.

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