Entrepreneur Personal Brand

Creating a personal brand is important in ensuring one is successful in ones life and career. In a world where various environments such as the workplace and customer markets have become increasingly competitive, demarcating oneself from ones peers has become a necessary requirement for success. In this paper I present my personal brand as it is currently and how I anticipate the brand to be after five and ten years respectively.

Currently, I am a passionate entrepreneur with sound business acumen and an adept knowledge in business management. I value hard work and integrity, and prefer taking the initiative to capitalize on the business opportunities that I encounter. Additionally, I am a calm and collected individual, a people-oriented manager, who is aware that the success of my business, a fast-food organic restaurant, requires the employees to be satisfied in order to provide quality service to the customers. As such, one group of my customers is comprised of the employees of the entity. In this respect, I have managed to run a business employing twenty employees with a minimal employee turnover, despite the competition for labor from well established fast-food joints. Secondly, financers (including family, friends and financial institutions) also form part of my customers. By demonstrating my business-management skills in the initial months of my business existence, I have been able to secure funding from such financers; funds that I am up-to-date in repayment. These initial successes have provided me with insight of how I want my personal brand to be after five and 10 years.

In five years time, I will be a seasoned business person, whose interest spans throughout the country, with an established team of workforce to whom I can comfortably delegate duties. This is validated by my position as the CEO of a restaurant chain providing unmatched customer experience throughout the country. Each restaurant will have a resident manager to oversee the day-to-day running of the restaurant as well as maintain the standards of quality expected of the entity by the customers. Accordingly, I have the responsibility of attracting the best qualified persons to join such positions by not only the performance I have demonstrated, but also an insight that will ensure growth of the entity thus provide opportunities to grow their careers. To avoid being limited by financial inadequacies, I wish to have attracted a large investor base that will ensure adequate financing for expansion programs. It is during this time that I envisage converting the entity from a private to a public entity. In this respect, my customer base extends to such investors, my aim being to provide them with a business opportunity worth of investment.

With globalization taking root, I do not want to remain a local player after a 10-year period. By this time, I will be a recognized business person not only in the country but also in the emerging markets such as china and India, and developing nations where markets remain untapped. The business venture will now have expanded into many countries, each country having a country manager and the operations will have diversified to include an independent sourcing unit. My responsibilities in this case will be to the investors and prospective investors. Initially I will serve as the group’s chief executive officer as well as the chairman of the board; monitoring business operations from country to country, and ensuring the business engages in value-adding activities in all its operations. In this respect, I will be responsible for providing the investors with an enhanced return for their investment, thus fostering confidence in the entity’s ability to compete effectively. Eventually, however, I would like to relinquish my CEO position to one of the management personnel, who the entity will have mentored, but remain as the chairman of the board to ensure the entity does not lose its focus of providing unmatched customer experience. By successful leadership transition, I will have demonstrated to the investors my ability to establish a sound organization whose success goes beyond personal capabilities, thus boost their confidence to continue believing in the entity. At this time in my life, I will be a proven leader in business innovation, and a sought-after consultant to advice on business management aspects. I will be more involved in community initiatives following my departure from active corporate leadership, and I will provide mentorship to budding entrepreneurs.

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