Ethical and Legal Issues and Multicultural Considerations in Testing

Conducting tests in different cultures requires one to consider ethical, legal  and multicultural issues that may arise. In respect to ethical considerations, a researcher should consider the safeguards needed to ensure privacy and confidentiality of respondents’ data. Further ethical considerations include obtaining participants’ informed consent before collecting data. Concerning the legal issues, a researcher needs to evaluate the actions that  may be deemed illegal under the jurisdiction of the study. These may differ from place to place and thus it is important for the researcher to review the legal provisions in each particular case. Finally, multicultural differences may pose a challenge to effective collection of data. An example of this would be collecting data in a religious setting where men and women are not allowed to interact  in public. In such settings, the researcher may be required to hire and train data-collection assistants who are acceptable with the study . Subsequently, this paper provides an overview of the ethical, legal and cultural issues that researchers need to take into consideration when doing tests in multicultural societies.

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