Evaluating Prime Minister Rudd’s National Security Statement – conclusion

Kevin Rudd delivered the first national security statement to the Australian Parliament to show how the country can develop and support its security systems and policies. He outlined plans to enhancing the breadth of Australia’s security framework to deal with threats that the country faces now and in future. For example, Kevin appointed the NSA to give direct counsel to the Australian Parliament concerning the security challenges that the country faces.

The statement focused on strategic policy framework. This is because, the strategic policy framework helps to coordinate and guide the national security community by showing the security priorities, allocating resources and evaluating performance. On the other hand, the NICC, the third element highlighted in the statement, supports the aspects of identifying and analysing sources of security threats to the Australian government. Additionally NICC ensures all intelligence agencies work together and work in the right directions. The last point in the Australian national statement related to improving national crisis management capabilities. In this respect, the statement highlighted the need for a body to develop crises-management initiatives and support decisions the government makes during crises.

The security national statement provides several solutions for problems the Australian government face concerning its national security. For instance, it outlines how Australia can improve its security system by enhancing collaboration with regional partners. Additionally, by emphasizing the need for a security policy in the country, the statement recognizes the role of preparedness in preventing security crises or mitigating the adverse effects when such crises occur.

The statement explains how Australia can use the relationship with other countries such as China, USA and New Zealand to support their economy and security levels. Moreover, the statement explains how the Australian government can keep its technology and information more secure by using e-security. This is because, in modern days, people and governments use the technology to communicate and share their information. Failure to protect such avenues could become a potential source of security threats in the country.

A different strength of the statement is its advocate for peace as a way of resolution of conflict. Such advocacy is evident in the statement’s highlight of the role of Australian government in rebuilding countries such as Iraq, whose economies have been devastated by recent wars. Accordingly, the statement offers an alternative that could help develop a peaceful coexistence with other countries, thus reduce terror activities targeted to Australia.

On the negative, the statement has various weaknesses that could affect the Australian government and society. For instance, Australian government would need to spend a lot of money to implement all the structural and policy recommendations in the statement. Such may not be feasible, for instance, where adverse economic events reduce the governments’ revenue. Additionally, the loss of lives as Australia engage more people in countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan, could prove devastating for such people’s families back at home. Such an aspect could result into resentment of the government thus dissuade people from supporting the security initiatives proposed in the statement.

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