Evaluating the value of staff orientation programs in a multi-campus university

The value of orientation programs can be evaluated from employee feedback and performance. When in the same organization some employees consider themselves well oriented while other struggle to find basic information, the need for standardization of the orientation programs arises. To progress towards such standardization a survey of processes through which new employees are taken from the time of starting employment to confirmation into permanent positions should be undertaken. An orientation program conducted by the HR department may for instance constitute welcoming new employees to the organization, giving basic information on the organization such as its structure, showing the new employee the department he will work in, availing the entity’s manual, giving details on existing work groups and employee unions, clarifying any ambiguities by encouraging questions, performing a guided tour of the campus and handing the employee over to his supervisor.

Depending on employees’ feedback, these procedures can be analyzed for differences in the process the employees that consider themselves well oriented, and those struggling to find information were taken through. Once any differences are identified, a standard procedure comprised of the minimal tasks that each employee should be undertaken through, as informed by the employee feedback, should be formulated. Similarly periodic reviews of employee performance should be conducted usually through the employee’s supervisor. Such performance evaluation should first be done on a probation-term basis ranging from a few months to a few years depending on the full responsibilities the employee is expected to undertake once confirmed to take more permanent responsibilities. If the recruit fails to adapt to the new department as informed by performance, then the supervisor should solicit for differential placement of the candidate in consultation with the management. Conducting periodic training on the organization procedures could also help employees better their awareness of the job environment and expectations.


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