Home Pick-up| Strategic plan – Key factors for success of the laundry business

A number of factors would influence the success of HPDLS’ business. In addition to timely delivery and effective cleansing Laundry business would for instance be influenced by advertising, and promotional activities such as offering branded bags and sleeves for deliveries and discounting services based on a rewarding scheme for loyalty. Two key factors for success of HPDLS business would be:

  • Attaining and sustaining exemplary customer service, and
  • Capitalizing on technological advancements to increase the utilization of emerging technologies such as environment friendlier laundry solutions.

Competitors strengths and weaknesses

HPDLS has identified various competitors who could influence the company’s strategic plan in future. These include companies that have been in business for decades thus controlling a big market share and also those that have come up recently but perfected the use of technological advancements in the laundry business. One of the major competitors in the latter category and which HPDLS feels would influence its future is Hamperville.com. The company has various strengths that are worthy of note. The first of these are that the company has made appreciable use of technological advances in the laundry business in such areas as ordering, marketing and delivery packaging. This could greatly influence on our target market that relies mainly on online interaction to make laundry decisions. Secondly the company has been able to differentiate its services to different groups of customers hence could use such to gain access to HPDLS market segment when it proves lucrative (Happerville.com, 2010).

Irrespective of these strengths, the company also has a few weaknesses that could allow HPDLS effectively compete with it and similar entities. One of the weaknesses of the laundry providers is that they have minimal non-online customer experiences hence locking out clients who might access information from other sources other that the internet. To take advantage of this weakness HPDLS plans to engage organizations such as colleges by sponsoring some of the events or sports teams where wearing company branded clothing will be encouraged. Secondly the company lacks a vibrant corporate responsibility program that would ensure it attracts institutional clients such as managed care organizations and religious organizations. HPDLS wishes to capitalize on this by partnering with such organizations through offering part of the income derived from such for development activities in respective organizations.

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