Home Pick-up| Strategic plan – SWOT analysis


  • HPDLS will be the premier company to focus on laundry services at lower market end and college students in the region.
  • The company has outsourced employees from other laundry firms thus minimizing the time required for training.
  • Strong marketing team to lead the marketing activities of the company.
  • Employee reward scheme on inception of the laundry services to motivate employees towards better performance.


The entities weaknesses arise primarily because it has not been previously engaged in the laundry provision services. These include:

  • The company has not yet acquired any clients through whom it would base further marketing activities such as word of mouth networking.
  • Limited financial resources hence sub-optimal capital investments curtail the number of orders that the company would be able to process at any one given time.
  • Not having prior working relations with suppliers and technicians thus deprived of benefits that loyal customers could be enjoying from such organizations or people.
  • Not achieved economies of scale thus affecting the pricing level and production costs.


Opportunities exist in the environment that HPDLS plans to set up shop.

  • A number of institutions (colleges and managed care organizations) inhabit the region that HPDLS wishes to set up its operations. Constant supply of clients from these institutions would reduce the transportation (pick-up and delivery) costs that would have otherwise been enormous.
  • Setting up partnerships with various organizations by providing such benefits as employment for college students on leave in return for advertisement placing in students’ notice boards exist.
  • Offering personalized direct mail promotional information to sustain customer loyalty.
  • Expanding the company’s services to other cities through branches in those cities.


Most of the threats arise from presence of competitors who have been in business for decades.

  • Competitors with high market share though in a different segment could afford to lower their prices substantially hence a possible loss of customers that the company will have amassed.
  • Competitors may lure away some of our employees by offering better remuneration thus necessitating the company to enter into recruitment and training of new staff a process that might probe costly.
  • Economic adversity could make our focus group view laundry services as unnecessary expenditure due to limited income.
  • Changes in international fair claims with respect to textile products could increase liability of the company to the client.
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