Home Pick-up| Strategic plan – Vision and mission statements

Having a clearly set out vision is core to providing services with a passion. At HPDLS we realize that laundry services should not only be the preserve of the economically mighty but also of other sections of the community. In this respect the company plans to offer laundry services to groups such as college students, senior citizens, people with disabilities, and other low income groups who find it difficult to wash their own clothes due to a variety of reasons. Our vision is thus “to make unmatched professional home pick-up and delivery laundry services available at affordable rates to all residents of the metropolitan city of (New York) while offering exemplary customer service.”

HPDLS realizes that offering these services without discriminating on the class will ensure its sustainable growth. The company also understands that the lower class and those not economically endowed also spend a lot of their finances on clothing investment hence also require specialized laundry services. Further this group of population is also involved in physically involving occupations making it a burden for them to do their own washing. This understanding thus informs our mission that: “we exist to assist our customers nurture and prolong the life of their apparel investments at affordable rates.”


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