How trends have changed the way American consumers purchase automobiles

In the last two decades, aspects such as need for fuel economy, search for environmentally cleaner alternatives, sociocultural trends, economic status and reliability have influenced consumers’ choice of automobiles in the US. For instance, the recent financial crisis which reduced consumers’ disposable incomes has led to the search for fuel efficient autos. Similarly,  increasing concerns over the effect of gasoline-powered autos on the environment has led to the evaluation of autos using environmentally friendlier fuel alternatives. However, reliability of alternatives such as the electric cars has reduced their penetration in the market. Subsequently, in this paper, an analysis of the environmental trends (socio-cultural, economic, political, legal, technological, and natural environment) currently affecting the automotive industry sales is presented. Need a custom paper on this topic? Place an order and with us and get an excellent custom-written paper today.

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