Human Resource Issues Affecting UPS|Human Resource Strategy and Employee Profile

To ensure that their promise to offer “time-definite delivery” and to customize, optimize and revolutionize its clients experience; is a reality UPS human resource strategy needs to be well designed. Offering a wide range of services the company has placed its core strategy on career development with the company. For instance it stresses that whatever the position that each employee starts with at the corporation, ‘everyone…has the opportunity to grow’ (UPS 2010b). Such has been further evidenced by the corporation’s multi-million dollar programs that support employee training and development initiatives (UPS 2010b).

With such a strategy the company has employed a big number of staff and reduced the employee turnover. Its workforce at the end of the 2008 financial year for instance was approximated at 426, 000 employees (UPS 2009a, p. 7). This workforce was drawn mainly from agreements running through July 31, 2003, with local unions bearing affiliations to the ‘International Brotherhood of teamsters’ (UPS 2009a, p. 7). The corporation’s pilots are for instance are hired through a “collective bargaining agreement with the Independent Pilots Association (IPA)’; while its mechanics are employed under similar agreements with ‘Teamsters Local 2727’ or with the ‘International association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers’ (UPS 2009a, p. 8).

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