Implementing the strategic plan successfully

Implementing the strategic plan successfully achieves the firm’s objectives and mission. After completing the simulation, you will prepare an analytical report to discuss with your company’s management team as you review the company’s performance in the simulation.
A.  Submit your company’s final cumulative balanced scorecard, income statement, and balance sheet.
B.  Discuss the generic competitive strategy that you selected for your company. Include the following in your discussion:
•  What actions were built into your strategic plan to achieve competitive and financial success with that strategy
•  Why you selected the strategy you used
1.  Evaluate the effectiveness of your strategy.
C.  Evaluate your ability to identify competitors’ strengths, weaknesses, and strategies during the simulation.
1.  Discuss how successful you were in predicting your competitors’ next moves.

D.  Discuss how sustainable the most dominant competitive advantage achieved by any company within your industry was.
E.  Compare the selected strategy to three following tests of a winning strategy:
•  the fit test
•  the competitive advantage test
•  the performance test
F.  Explain how effectively you applied value chain analysis during the simulation.
G.  Evaluate how effectively you addressed three important issues in order to achieve competitive and financial success for your simulation company.

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