Importance of the three elements in the Individual Model of Performance

The three elements of the individual model of performance -ability, motivation and opportunity – are critical in driving individual performance. The ability of the individual for instance would influence the approach one can use to achieve better performance. Individuals with a high potential and high performance rating for instance would be tempted to leave the organization if appropriate measures to coach and mentor them and provide more challenging assignments are not provided. Similarly those with low potential but high performance rating can be developed through teaching and evaluating hidden potentials and undiscovered talents. For individuals with high potential and low performance levels perhaps discipline would help better their performance. Lastly those that have both their potential and performance rated lowly can be evaluated for hidden talents lack of which would help determine the layoff process of the organization. In such a way ability thus serves to provide a lead to the way an organization can better the individual performance of its workforce.

The role of motivation and opportunity thus would be to improve the performance of the individual by uncovering and promoting utilization of hidden talents. Providing the right motivation for instance may serve as a driver to establishment of job satisfaction thus helping better the individual’s effort towards better performance. Motivation may for instance be developed through the compensation and benefit schemes and other talent management approaches such as training. Opportunities also provide an avenue to better employee performance. By providing diverse opportunities to its employees, an organisation is able to reduce the performance of repetitive functions that may discourage employee performance by lowering satisfaction levels. Opportunities also provide ways for the entity to increase compensation for the existing employees through promotion to higher roles. The three elements – ability, motivation and opportunity – thus are important aspects that human resource practitioners may employ to improve employees’ job satisfaction thus promoting individual performance.

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