Kohl’s Customer profile – presentation

  • —Value-Conscious customers who value tactile experience of examining product before purchase
  • May also be customers of Target, JC Penny and sears
  • —Loyal customers with store credit cards
  • —Key drivers = Price and convenience

  • —Demographics:
    • —Primarily female (60%), married (69%), aged 25-44 (36%)
    • Household income $35000 to $75000 (Carmichael 2012)
    • Location – Midwest and Southern US
  • —Segmentation
    • —Young, budget-conscious but fashionable customer – sway by discounts, promotion, quick-moving “not-outdated” merchandise
    • —Older, more careful customer who purchases after research – Offer price incentive, avail product even for longer periods
    • => must balance between perception of freshness for younger customers and availability of product that meets a specific need for older customers

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