Leading Organisational Change – letter of transmittal

1. Letter of Transmittal


[Address of Recipient]

Subject: analysis of Stanley Works Change Process in its Australian Business as Depicted in the Case Study

Dear [name of recipient]

I am pleased to present the report of the analysis into Stanley Works change process as had been requested. Please find the report attached to this letter.

The analysis identifies that Stanley Australia underwent a revolutionary change process following its transformation from a manufacturing to a marketing focus, and the merger of Stanley Australia and Stanley Bostitch. Some of the core challenges in the change process were reducing resistance from the employee unions since many employees would be laid off and developing new systems to support the new systems. Stanley Works was able to manage the first challenge effectively by appropriate communication and making lay-off arrangements with employees affected.

The challenge that Stanley works faces now is adopting the appropriate organisational culture to support the new focus, which demands the use of empowered teams. Additionally, Stanley Works will need to retrain some of its remaining employees, especially those from Stanley Bostitch, on the use of new systems adopted.

Attached, please find the full report for your review.


[Student’s name]

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