Marketing Implications of the Market Place Situation Analysis for Blackberry

The market place analysis highlights various implications with regard to product, price, promotion and place for Blackberry’s situation. Product implications relate to the need of the entity to enhance its application offerings to support the needs of the ordinary consumer market. Although the commitment to security remains a core advantage to support the entity’s corporate and business clients, who remain the core revenue earners for the entity (Datamonitor, 2011), RIM should enhance its product offerings to the mass market to address its declining market share in major markets such as the U.S.

In respect to promotion, RIM should seek to enhance market communications that not only focus on its security features but also on lifestyle aspects such as enhanced videos and game experience. Promotions that seek to establish such brand association involve use of celebrity endorsers, and advertisements that establish the role of Blackberry in fostering personal relations through enhanced connectivity and ability to connect with friends and family (Fournier, 1998). In terms of pricing, RIM should not embark on a price-focused strategy, offering lower prices than its competitors do. A price-centric strategy may affect RIM capability to support appropriate levels of research and development that allow it to provide attractive products frequently. The status of Blackberry brand does not affect marketing approaches with regard to place significantly. In this respect, RIM has established channels that ensure its devices and services are available in global locations. Such availability of its services for instance accounted for growth of its revenues in the emerging-markets in the recent years (RIM Ltd., 2011). The global availability of Blackberry have also enhance brand awareness across the globe, with the Blackberry brand being ranked at the 4th position of the Canadian brands with a global recognition (Interbrand, 2011).

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