Marketing Plan for Singapore Airline – Company Background

Singapore Airlines Limited is one of the two Malayan Airways, a company which was formed when Singapore and Malaya were under British rule in 1947. Initially, the company was called Malaysian Airways which later changed to Malaysia-Singapore Airlines (MSA) which then ceased its operation in 1972 when both governments decided to have their own airlines (SIA 2011). Since its inception, SIA has operated international flights only. Amidst economic turmoil, SIA has consistently outdone other airlines. Actually, the company has always scooped several awards for its performance, never posted an annual loss, and has achieved superior returns in relation to the industry itself (Heracleous & Wirtz 2009). The company is the most successful airline in Singapore with a strong presence in East Asia, Southern Asia, Southeast Asia and other markets. The company also operates trans-pacific flights that include the world’s longest commercial flights from Singapore to Los Angles and Newark.

Vision and Mission Statement

Singapore Airlines’ vision is not only to become an excellent company, but also an excellent citizen of the world by enhancing the lives of the people they touch. The company has achieved this through committing itself to its communities, arts and education, health and welfare of its countries in which it conducts business. Its mission statement is to provide “air transportation services of the highest quality and to maximize[e] returns for the benefits of its shareholders and employees” (SIA 2011). In pursuit of this mission, SIA has received many awards and accolades from aviation bodies (Heracleous & Wirtz 2009), indicating that the top management has been able to communicate this mission to the employees effectively. go to part 4 here.

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