Marketing Plan for Singapore Airline – executive summary

The external environment of a company affects its business outcomes to a varying extent. This paper assesses the external environment for Singapore Airlines (SIA) to identify the opportunities and threats that the environment poses. Opportunities for SIA lie in expanding its services to new destinations and reinforcing its domestic operations.

The main threats that SIA faces arise from supplier’s bargaining power and competitive rivalry in the industry. Suppliers bargaining power is especially high for supplies such as labour where oil cartels exist and labour where unions have an influential bargaining role. Such findings necessitate the entity to embark on strategic alliance to reduce the effect of competitive rivalry and form agreements with suppliers to reduce the effect of their bargaining power. Additionally, by reinforcing its domestic operations, the entity can reduce the adverse effects associated with economic adversity, legislation challenges, political differences and harsh environmental conditions in the foreign countries in which it operates. Got to the introduction here

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