Marketing Plan for Singapore Airline – introduction

All companies are suffering from the challenges of the current economic turmoil (Naido 2010). However, some companies seem to have the ability to withstand the global economic crisis. The survival mechanism has involved better management practices in terms of resources and innovative marketing. Aspects such as improved product design, placement, pricing and promotion enhance marketing innovations. Traditionally, operations and marketing functions were treated as separate entities of an organization (Nath, Nachiappan & Ramanathan 2010; Merlo, Lukas & Whitwell 2011). Whereas operations were concerned with management of supply to meet customer demand, marketing concentrated on creating customer demand and looking for means to create incomparable value proposition. Although all functional areas of business are important in contributing towards delivery of goods and services, marketing is an important tool that creates value to customers. The key source of competitive advantage for most companies derives from improved firm relationships with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, transactional marketing and selection of marketing mix activities that attract customers (Bridges & Freytag 2009). Lee, Naylor and Chen (2011) also link firm’s success with customer resources.

The following report aims at enlightening the reader on the current marketing issues in Asian/Pacific Region. Specifically, the report will study the marketing and operation activities carried out by Singapore Airlines Limited (SIA). In this case, the company background will be considered and vision and mission statement stated. The report will also include marketing definition of the firm, customer analysis, competitor analysis, industry analysis, potential problems and potential opportunities. The conclusions and recommendations of the report will also be made. As compared to Europe and North America, Asia-Pacific region is socially, politically and culturally diverse. Amidst stiff competition from Australian and American Airlines, Singapore Airlines Limited remains an admirable example to other companies operating in Asian Pacific region. go to part 3 here.

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