Movie Review: Remember the Titans (2000) – Racism and Discrimination theme

Prejudicial attitudes and beliefs can be racist in nature when they are formed in respect to a particular race thus resulting into racism. Racism is defined as “a negatively oriented prejudice toward certain groups seen as biologically different and inferior to one’s own” (Dion, 2003, p. 507). Expression of prejudice through behavior and actions towards the prejudged group may be in form of discrimination. Discrimination is unfair behavior or treatment meted to individuals based on various characteristics such as membership to a group or possession of a random characteristic such as skin color – racial discrimination (Dion, 2003, p. 507). Both racism and discrimination are portrayed in various scenes in the movie.

Racism portrayals in the movie are present in many scenes. At the beginning of the movie for instance a riot occurs when a white storeowner kills a black teenager, a sign of the existing racial tensions in the community (Yakin & Bruckheimer, 2000). Coach Boone and Coach Yoast also show distaste for each other during the initial stages of the film just as Julius and Gerry, the leaders of their respective race players, demonstrate hatred for each others’ race (Yakin & Bruckheimer, 2000). Similarly the coaches show positive evaluation for captains with whom they have a racial congruence while negatively evaluating the captains they are divergent with in terms of race. Coach Boone for instance shows a negative evaluation of Gerry in the Scene where he asks him “Who’s your daddy?” (Yakin & Bruckheimer, 2000). Such racism portrayals fade as the team realizes the need to work together to achieve the common goal with the coaches encouraging teamwork.

Discrimination can similarly be evident from some of the discussed scenes above. Negative evaluations towards the captain of a different race by the coaches for instance reflect unfair behavior. Similarly disparaging comments by Coach Tyrell and Gerry towards blacks even in the presence of Coach Boone similarly reflect on such unfair behavior. Apart from these discussed scenarios, resistance towards integration such as evident in the race riots, non acceptance of

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