Movie Review: Remember the Titans (2000) – Stereotyping theme

Attitudes that develop from prejudgment influence a person’s beliefs, feelings and actions towards the object of such prejudgment. When the prejudgment is negative or biased with respect to a group and its components then prejudice arises (Dion, 2003). Such attitudes may result from stereotypes that have been formed towards the subject through information derived from indirect sources such as parents, peers or media rather than direct experience with the subject (Olson & Maio, 2003). Stereotypes could develop with respect to various aspects of differences such as culture, race, gender, religion and ethnicity. In the movie Remember the Titans racial stereotyping is portrayed in various scenes that also showcase aspects of prejudice.

One of the scenes where stereotyping is portrayed is when Coach Yoast and Coach Tyrell take white players who had left practice to join a race riot back to their office to calm them down. When they get to the office they find Coach Boone waiting for his meeting with Coach Yoast. In his comments to Coach Boone, Coach Tyrell reveals a deeply engraved prejudice against blacks which is emphasized by the characteristics he says are associated with all blacks and goes ahead to associate these characteristics with coach Boone (Yakin & Bruckheimer, 2000). Other scenes also portray stereotypes that have been formed by members of different races towards other members. Though Coach Boone and Coach Yoast treat one another in a more professional way than Coach Tyrell does, they still do not show ultimate trust for each one another. Similarly Gerry Bertier, the white players unofficial leader disparaging of blacks and his unfriendly interactions with coach Boone partly result from stereotypes formed against the blacks that have influenced his opinions and beliefs that may have arisen from his interactions at home with parents and at school with Coach Tyrell (Yakin & Bruckheimer, 2000).

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