Movie Review: Remember the Titans (2000)

The 2000 movie Remember the Titans showcases various social principles that have shaped the transformation of the society towards a more inclusive one. Set up in a traditionally white town – Alexandria, Virginia – the film tackles social aspects such as stereotyping, racism and discrimination even at its very beginning. The cast is of a High school football team that was forced to integrate following the combination of the black and white schools into a single unit. Having integrated, the TC Williams High School board brings in a new head coach – Coach Herman Boone, a black man – to lead the football team; ousting Coach Bill Yoast, a white man, during his Hall of Fame year thus limiting his chances of achieving his coaching goals (Yakin & Bruckheimer, 2000). While Coach Yoast adopts a followership approach abandoning a formal leadership role in assisting Coach Boone, the latter initially tries to use authoritarian means to bring the team together without much success in changing attitudes of his team members towards other members from different racial affiliations (Yakin & Bruckheimer, 2000). Eventually however, faced with a common goal of winning the league title, the team members learn that only through cooperation and teamwork will they win and by so doing start developing positive attitudes towards the members of different races (Yakin & Bruckheimer, 2000).

Though stereotyping, racism and discrimination are evident throughout the film, other social principles such as in and out groups based on race and cultural differences are portrayed in various scenes. Such social aspects have helped shape the values and beliefs in the society at times presenting barriers to the achievement of an all inclusive community. This paper evaluates six different concepts – stereotyping, racism, discrimination, race, culture, and values as portrayed in the movie Remember the Titans. Each of the concepts is explained with examples drawn from the movie.

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