Nike company overview

Nike is the market leader in sportswear industry. Its range of products includes footwear, apparel and accessories; initially the entity focused on athletic footwear but it has built a portfolio that includes leisurewear over the decades of its existence (Edgar Online 1). Nike was incorporated in 1968, and from its headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon where it was founded, it has expanded its operations to more than 170 countries (Edgar Online 1). Such growth has included acquisitions with the entity having fully owned subsidiaries such as Umbro International Limited, Converse Inc. and Cole Haan, which it uses to sell its products to different market segments (Edgar Online 1).

The entity is organized into a matrix structure with cross-functional teams (Nike Inc. 1). With regard to geographical locations, the entity organizes its operations into six regions that include North America, Japan, and Greater China (Edgar Online 2). Others are Central & Eastern Europe, Western Europe and emerging Markets (Edgar Online 2). Although Nike’s net income was adversely affected by the global financial crisis, the entity has since recovered to record net incomes above the levels recorded before the onset of the financial crisis (Edgar Online 22). The entity has also enjoyed a favorable investor confidence with its stock having trading upwards over the last three years (CNNMoney 1). Such favorable performance has enabled the entity to remain a core player in the footwear and apparel industry especially in the sportswear and leisurewear segments.

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