Nursing case study on domestic violence

A married 28 year old mother of 2 young children is brought to a local hospital emergency room by her husband for treatment of fractured right arm.  She has completed 2 years of college, but currently does not work so that she can care for her children.  Her husband’s employment requires that he travel for weeks at a time.  During the initial part of the physical exam she reports that her neighbor raped her 2 days ago before her husband came home from his business trip.  She also reports that this afternoon she tripped over some of the children’s toys in the living room and that is how she broke her arm.  as the nurse assists the physician, she notes several bruises in various stage of healing on the woman’s extremities.  It is documented in her record that the patient was treated in the ED 1 year ago for a fractured nose and facial contusions.  At that time the patient stated she had fallen while chasing the neighbor’s dog out of her flowerbeds.  She also reported being clumsy.  X-rays of the patient’s right arm show a spiral fracture of the humorous.  The patient guards her arm and winces with any movement.  There is also evidence of vaginal trauma upon examination.  She has no known allergies. <br>

During the assessment, the husband insists on staying with the patient. The patient’s affect is anxious, displays poor eye contact, and flinches when the husband stands close to her. When the physician asks the husband to step out of the examination area for the rest of the exam, he starts to become argumentative, but then complies with the request. The patient is visibly more relaxed after the husband leaves the area. The patient reports a history of major depression, but denies suicidal thoughts, plans, or any previous attempts

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