Online Marketing Opportunities Available to the Firm

Executive Summary

Online marketing has become a core means through which entities expand their market reach. This report evaluates the aspects that [company name] needs to consider in its decision to expand into online sales. The entity will gain from aspects such as increased revenue from enhanced customer reach and lower operational costs. To benefit from such aspects, the entity will need to build trust in its online operations and conduct marketing campaigns to reach the customers who shop online. Such aspects can be ensured by building a secure and interactive website and enhancing its engagement of customers in social media to shape online communications on the entity.


The rise of the Internet as a platform to conduct business has presented many businesses with opportunities for expansion. For retailers, having an online channel has been suggested to boost sales, enhance cost savings, facilitate inventory management and enhance the return on investment (Xia & Zhang, 2010). Such benefits of the online sales necessitate an evaluation of its feasibility with respect to [company name]. This report thus presents findings concerning the advantages and disadvantages of online marketing, potential impact of online sales to the company, and requirements for a successful online marketing campaign.

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