Outcomes of Lateral Violence in nursing

The harmful effects of lateral violence are not only to the victims but also to the patients they are supposed to render care to. LV has for instance been cited to be a main contributor to high turnover among newly registered nurses thus aggravating nurse shortage crisis (Pellico, et al., 2009). With regard to victims of LV effects such as increased job stress hence reduced job satisfaction may arise (Bigony et al., 2009). Vessey et al (2009) in such aspects found out that stress levels directly associated with bullying were either moderate or severe causing most of the nurses to leave work whether or not there was an alternative job waiting. As such LV on nurses could manifest itself both physically and psychologically (Bigony et al., 2009). Physical symptoms that have been attributed to LV include weight loss or gain, hypertension, cardiac palpitations and chronic fatigue whereas psychological symptoms include; anxiety, substance abuse, low self esteem and feelings of isolation (Bigony et al., 2009).

To the profession LV has been argued to hamper “nurse collegiality and professional development” (Bigony et al., 2009, p. 690). It is notable that for the newly registered nurses; perception of abuse at the work place would hamper their progress towards collaborative relationships (Pellico, et al., 2009). Lack of such friendliness and advancement opportunities is a notable contributor to nurse turnover rates (Bigony, et al, 2009). Further when LV is allowed to continue unabated its harmful effects can spill over to patients since the victims will lack the motivation to carry out their duties efficiently (Sheridan-Leos, 2008). Such then would increase the chances of errors for instance when it relates to handling of prescription with a fear of intimidation (Sheridan-Leos, 2008). With nurse shortages posing a threat to the well being and quality of healthcare provision in countries such as the U.S. (Sheridan-Leos, 2008), conditions that promote such are expected to be firmly dealt with. What however seems to be the case is that LV is a practice that those supposed to deal with it have turned a blind eye on hence ensuring its survival and perpetuation (Bigony, et al. 2009). Got to part 5 here.

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