Persuasive speech – Giving Humanity another Chance: One Campaign


  1. Attention-Getter: Combating poverty is not only a moral responsibility, but also an opportunity for each one of us to better the world in which we live. The United Nations (UN), for instance, estimates that more than 2.5 million people, globally, live in devastatingly poor conditions, subsisting on a daily income of less than $ 2 (n.p.). In such devastating poverty, conditions that would otherwise not exist such as malnutrition, preventable diseases and hunger predominate. The One Campaign focuses on changing this status by urging everyone to take action and make a stand against the status quo (ONE “About Us” n.p.).
  2. Reason to Listen: Fighting poverty is an opportunity for each of us to make a change in the world. It is not about giving out what we do not need to the less fortunate in society. It is about achieving social justice to make the world a better place. By helping out the poor overcome their low economic status, we are actually guaranteeing a future of prosperity for everyone. One realizes that the poor have not been subjected to such poverty out of their own volition. Rather, the systematic social injustices, which have resulted into an unequal society have facilitated such a predicament. ONE’s status is not to condone such a situation by only presenting short-term solutions, donations; conversely, one seeks to engage people of diverse origins and means into advocating for a change in status quo (ONE “about Us” n.p).
  3. Credibility: After having been to regions where extreme poverty is predominant, I have realized that change is needed for the fight against poverty to achieve significant progress. To boost the effect of foreign aid, which authors such as Moyo (n.p) have argued have shown little effect, government participation in setting appropriate poverty eradication programs is necessary. Talking with some of the residents in such areas also perceived that governments were not keen on implementing policies that would ensure long-term poverty eradication. The One Campaign approach thus presents a fresh idea of pushing for change in encouraging government funding and formulation of policies to enhance effect of poverty-eradication programs
  4. Thesis: Today, I will talk of how each one of us can help in the fight against poverty by joining the One Campaign, to advocate for better policies that can provide a long lasting solution to the endemic poverty in some parts of the world.
  5. Preview of Main Points: Firstly, I will discuss why we all need to get involved in poverty eradication programs, not as charity, but as a social justice endeavor. Secondly, I will highlight why current efforts to alleviate poverty have failed, and discuss the alternative that One Campaign offers. Finally, I will engage you in visualizing what benefits that we all stand to gain if we stopped being passive observers of the current status and taking action to rectify it.

Problem/Need Step

A.Purpose: Endemic poverty affects many communities across the globe. In sub-Saharan Africa, for instance, the World Bank estimated that, in 2008, up to about 77 per cent of the population lived on less than $2.5 a day (n.p). As noted by the United Nations, such poverty has led to high prevalence of preventable diseases, and hunger in these areas. Although these countries have consistently received foreign aid, such aid has failed to result into a significant decrease in poverty levels due to inadequate government participation. Active advocacy is thus needed to change the way poverty is addressed in many regions by encouraging more government involvement.

B.Steps –

  1. State the Need- The existence of extreme poverty in many parts of the world need a concerted effort to push government and non-state actors into action. Currently, alleviation of poverty has remained a back-stage agenda even after its identification as one of the Millennium Development Goals that countries across the world needed to address by 2015 (United Nations n.p). Clearly, the current approach to deal with poverty has failed, subjecting close to half of the world population into the danger of extinction.
  2. Illustration. If not addressed poverty bears negative implications for all humanity. For instance, the widespread poverty in sub-Saharan Africa has prevented people from seeking treatment for diseases such as Malaria, which have become the leading cause of childhood mortality in the region (United Nations n.p). This is irrespective of the potential of eradicating such cases of death through effective preventative approaches.
  3. Detail the seriousness of the problem – Extrapolated to the World, as much as 2.5 billion people are estimated to live in absolute poverty, unable to cater even for their basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing (United Nations n.p).
  4. Pointing – The impact of this is that we are building a very unequal society, the outcome of which is the promotion of violence and instability, thus could affect our future prosperity as humanity.

Satisfaction/Solution Step

A.Purpose: ONE seeks to increase government funding and involvement in poverty eradication programs. Founded by various non-profit organizations that focus on humanitarian aid and advocacy, ONE seeks to encourage governments to participate more in poverty programs by encouraging every individual to join its cause and push the government into action.


  1. Statement of Solution: One seeks to push governments into addressing poverty by encouraging individuals to come out and voice their discontent with the current poverty levels, without requiring any monetary contribution from the individuals (ONE).
  2. Explanation of Solution to the Problem: The formation of ONE arose from a realization that governments were not taking a proactive role in addressing poverty. Although, as separate entities, the founders had participated in humanitarian aid to poor regions, without government support to ensure adequate funding and appropriate programs existed, the alleviation of poverty remained a mirage. ONE’s thus seeks to enhance such government participation by putting poverty on the agenda of the government.
  3. Theoretical/Practical Demonstration: From its foundation, ONE has achieved significant success. For instance, using influential speakers such as Bono, ONE has been able to rally many people into signing petitions to urge the government into action.
  1. Overcoming Possible Objections/Personal Experience: ONE does not require individuals to make donations. Instead, ONE needs your to join it in making a voice against poverty by signing petitions to the government to ensure that it participates in poverty-eradication programs.

Visualization Step

  • Purpose: With effective advocacy, one seeks to facilitate higher government funding to poverty programs, which, by 2015, will enable the realization of the millennium development goal on poverty. Such government involvement will also foster the setting of effective policies that will provide long term solutions to poverty.

1.Possible Techniques-

Positive Method – ONE’s advocacy will lead to a socially just society, which will prevent the rise of violence and crime globally. With reduced poverty levels, every individual will have the capability to engage in positive economic activity. This will create markets for products due to higher incomes thus facilitate growth throughout the globe.


  1. Review of Main Points: Firstly, I have highlighted how high prevalence of poverty threatens the harmonious coexistence of humanity in the future. Secondly, I have highlighted how ONE offers a new approach to achieving significant progress in poverty eradication. Finally, I have highlighted the bright future that we all can have if take action.
  2. Call-To-Action: Therefore, I urge you to take action. Make your stand known. Join us in nudging the government to do more to better our future, and achieve social justice across the globe.
  3. Restate Thesis: By joining the One Campaign, you will help us to advocate for better policies that can provide a long lasting solution to the endemic poverty experienced in some parts of the world.
  4. Closure Statement: Let us all make a stand that every human being has a right to dignity, to enjoy ones full life, without falling victim to diseases and hardships imposed by extreme poverty.

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