Pharmacology of Risperidone – Regulatory and marketing issues

Regulatory issues

Various regulatory issues could influence the availability and use of any medication in the society. Such issues affect both the access to the drug and also have implications for health practitioners involved in the diagnosis and treatment of various psychoses for which risperidone is used.

In New Zealand risperidone, which is marketed under the brand name Risperon, is a prescription only drug. (19). It is approved for treatment of acute and chronic schizophrenia and related psychoses, treatment and control of bipolar mania disorder, and treatment of conduct and other disruptive behaviour. (19). Potential drug abuse has not been documented in literature hence there might be no capacity for use of the drug in such circumstances. Other regulatory aspects of risperidone in New Zealand are as in other medications, where pharmaceutical companies that opt to provide consumer medicine information (CMI) in fulfilling the consumers right to access such information entrenched in Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights; must do so in accordance with the guidelines provided by Medsafe – the regulatory authority that ensures the safety of medicines and medical devices in New Zealand (19).

Marketing and National access issues and cost issues

Risperidone is marketed under the brand name Risperon® in New Zealand (19). Currently, from available documentation (20) no other medications are marketed under a similar brand thus risperidone use does not bring about confusion in the market. Various outlets exist where Risperon can be obtained with prescription details thus no major access issues exist with regard to the drug. Similarly cost issues have not been documented with regard to risperidone.


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