Pricing policy

We strive to offer the best writing services at competitive prices. Our pricing policy is a reflection of this. Our prices are determined by various factors. These factors are:

a) Type of service needed: – we offer four types of services.

i. Writing from scratch/ custom-written papers – We charge the highest price among our services for this type of services. For a paper written from scratch, you only have to give your instructions and our writers will conduct the research, write the paper, and format it according to your instructions

ii. Rewriting services – This service is meant for papers where you have a draft but require substantial rewriting for them to meet your specification. These papers are charged at a discounted price. For such papers, the writer will rewrite up to 70 percent of the content.

iii. Editing services – these services are meant for papers where your draft only requires minimal changes. For these, the writer will change up to 30 percent of the content.  This service is charged lower than rewriting service

iv. Proofreading service – This service involves checking for formatting, referencing, grammar and punctuation errors in your draft. These are the cheapest services that we offer, but will only involve changes to 10 percent of the paper content.

You can use the above list to determine the level of changes that you need before ordering your paper.

b) Type of paper – Various types of papers will require different expertise on the part of the writer. We charge lower for essays, term papers, research papers, and annotated bibliographies, in comparison to admission essays, cover letters, math problems, and statistics projects.

c) Academic level – The academic level you choose determines the extent of research that the writer will conduct when writing your paper. As such, in order of increasing complexity, and thus increasing prices, academic levels on which we write papers are:

i. High school

ii. Undergraduate

iii. Masters/ post graduate

iv. Ph.D.

d) Deadline – longer-deadline papers will have discounted prices.

e) Level of writing needed – you can either request for ENL (English as a National Language) writer, Native English writer, Advanced Writer. The prices for papers written by ENL writers are the lowest.

f) Copy of sources used – Where you need a copy of sources used, we will ask the writer to provide these at an additional cost. The copies will be availed alongside the completed paper.

We strive to maintain the most competitive prices for academic writing services. You can also enjoy various discounts as outlined in our discount program.

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