Project Management Plan for Business-Case Training Program for Research in Motion

This report analyses the Project Management Plan developed for business case competency training for executives, mid-level managers and front-line employees of Research-in-Motion. The plan was developed from a template Australian Society for Simulation in Healthcare. It incorporates aspects such as management summary, project scope and objectives, time frame and milestones (which provide the work breakdown structure and the project schedule) and budget and costs plan. Other components of the plan are the project controls (e.g. communications management, risk management and change management), quality management plan and project organisation framework.

Analysis of the plan identifies various aspects of convergence with project management theory. The plan for instance adheres to the concepts of the theory of project, which deems that a project should be organised into smaller tasks whose inputs can be identified to enable cost minimization at the task level. Secondly, the plan delineates the roles of different individuals critical to the implementation of the project thus formulating a communication strategy to meet such individuals’ information needs, a process that bears support in project management theory. Despite such strengths, the prescriptive nature of the plan presents challenges concerning flexibility needed to develop innovative approaches to solve challenges encountered during project implementation. Accordingly, there is a need to for the plan to identify project tasks based on their uncertainty, such that tasks with unforeseeable uncertainty have some level of flexibility.

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