Review of the article “They know what you want”

Marketing presents firms with a tool to target a product to specific individuals by learning their tastes and preferences. The article “They know what you want”, written by Ries and Trout (indicate year here), reinforces this role of marketing through a discussion of basic marketing strategies. Through this article, the authors buttress a core tenet of marketing, arguing that by knowing the preferences and tastes of consumers, marketers choose strategies that attract targeted consumers to the product of interest. To gain such knowledge of target market’s tastes and preferences, an effective strategy that marketers employ is conducting market research, which may involve surveys that, for instance, incorporate customer feedback on the relevant product. The article by Ries and Trout (indicate year here) highlights these aspects in a clear and logical manner, and provides appropriate supporting information as highlighted in the subsequent critique.

Firstly, the article expounds on the basics of marketing in a concise and logical manner. For instance, by presenting a case of a shopper who is yet to make a decision on what to buy at the beginning of the article, the authors help the reader envision one aspect of marketing – influencing the purchase decisions of the prospective consumers. Presenting this case in a virtual form also promotes the reader’s understanding of the concept the authors seek to delineate. Secondly, the article defines what marketing constitutes in the preliminary paragraphs, thus charting a path into the subsequent discussions the authors present. Subsequently, the authors introduce the concept of the marketing plan, which provides the reader with a detailed perspective of the marketing process.

To reinforce the clarity of discussions presented, the authors use various examples and illustrations. Through the illustrations presented, the authors point out strategies employed by marketers to attract prospective customers. For instance, using a Healthy Start as a fundamental product, the article establishes its relevance to different entities. Further, supporting information is provided by the cases that the authors present, such as the one of the undecided shopper. Through these cases, the authors link the concepts they discuss in the article to the real market environment. Adding to the clarity of the article is the use of simple language that allows the reader to follow the arguments advanced. From the use of the simple language and the logical flow of concepts in the article, the reader can link concepts discussed in different parts of the article, thus helping one to have a profound understanding of the marketing process. Such organization, clarity and supporting information help in convincing the reader of the reliability of the information presented in the article.

Marketing is a core function of any entity and the article by Al Ries and Jack Trout explains the marketing process in a clear and concise manner. The articles strengths are numerous. Despite marketing being a broad topic, the article is able to provide the reader with ample information on various strategies, using simple and concise language. Additionally, using illustrations (including case studies) and examples, the authors do not only help the reader comprehend the discussions they present, but also help one link such discussions to real-life scenarios. Through the succinct presentation, the article establishes its reliability and application in different organizations. The information presented in the article is relevant not only to marketing professionals, but also to other individuals including anyone undertaking an economics or business major. For these groups, the information for instance highlights one way in which marketing may add value to an entity – by influencing purchase decisions to motivate increased purchases of a product thus helping increase an entity’s revenue.


Ries, A. & Trout, J. (Indicate year here). They Know what you want……………………..

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