Revision policy

We undertake to offer you the best academic writing services that you will find online. However, in case we fail to meet your expectations, we will be willing to offer free revisions for your paper to meet your needs. To avoid multiple revisions, and ensure that you receive a flawless paper, we offer you a means to communicate with the writer directly through the order messaging system. This will ensure that the writer working on your paper has all the information that he or she needs to write a flawless paper. However, we do understand that, at times, you may need us to review your paper. In this case we will review and revise the paper free of charge where:

  • Your revision request is not a change in the initial instructions.  We request all our customer to verify the information they have provided to ensure that the instructions are correct. This helps to avoid cases where the writer writes a paper that is not aligned to your needs. In this respect, please ensure you provide all relevant information when ordering, or send any additional instructions via the messaging system within a reasonable time before the writer delivers your paper. In case you are to send additional information later, you should include a statement to that effect in the order details part. Where the revision involves additional instructions, we will need you to pay additionally for rewriting, or editing depending on the extent of the additional instructions. Our customer support team is always ready to provide an estimate of the additional payment.
  • To submit a revision request, please write a message to the admin indicating the reasons for the revision through the messaging system on the specific order.
  • The revision provision is available for a maximum of 14 days, after which the order will be automatically approved by the system if you will not have approved it yet.
  • After you (or the system) approves the order, you will be able to request for revision(s) for 7 more days. After this period, we will not be in a position to offer a free revision and thus you will have to place a new order for the revision. For longer papers such as theses and dissertations, the period for free revisions may be extended with the assistance of our customer support.

We have a team of editors who go through the paper submitted by writers to minimize the number of revisions required for a paper. However, in case you need your paper revised, please feel free to request a revision by contacting the support. We will  offer the revision free of charge if it meets the aforementioned conditions.

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