Rewriting Services

Our rewriting services help you to submit a paper that meets all the requirements for your paper. When rewriting your paper, our writers have to change up to 70 percent of the content so that your paper can adhere to the instructions needed. Papers that are candidate for rewriting are those that are written off-topic, have not met the minimal requirements stipulated by your instructors, and have used references sparingly. For these papers, you are likely to be marked down. Our team of writers and editors review the draft you submit against the requirements of the paper to ensure that the final product meets all the requirements for the paper.

Do not take chances by submitting a paper that does not meet the minimum requirements. At essay giants, we have a comprehensive review process that ensures that papers written by our writers are of top quality. In the event you need a rewriting service, you will get an excellently written paper at significantly discounted prices.

What do we check when rewriting the papers? While other academic assistance services may only do simple editing under the disguise of rewriting, at essay giants we ensure that we rewrite at least 70 percent of the content. This includes doing additional research to include high-quality references that meets your specification. When rewriting your paper, we will also check for errors in referencing, use of unreliable references, grammar errors, errors in paper organization, and off-topic writing.

 When else can I order a rewriting service? You can also order for a rewriting service where the initial paper instructions changes after the writer has delivered the paper or the 14-day grace period for free revisions is exhausted. In this case, we review your case so that when the writer was at fault, you are not charged the prices charged for custom written papers.

If you need rewriting services for a paper that did not meet the requirements, we will be glad to offer you the best rewriting services you will find out there. To order for a rewriting service, select “rewriting” on the type of service in the order form.

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