Sample admission essay for Msc. Nursing

An overarching goal in my life has been to advance my career in nursing to become a leading nursing professional engaged in healthcare policy-making at the national and international levels. My attraction to the nursing profession started during my high school education when my encounters with nursing professionals in hospitals and community settings were always inspiring. Nurses’ dedication to care for people suffering from many ailments and promotion of healthcare within the community were ideals that I identified with even at such early years of my life. Subsequently, completing my Bachelor of Science degree in nursing and working in various healthcare settings has laid a sound foundation for my professional development.

Reinforcing my choice of a nursing profession were the concepts I encountered during my undergraduate studies. Learning of the contribution of theorists such as Florence Nightingale, Dorothea Orem, Madeleine Leininger, Fay Abdella, and Lydia E. Hall in the advancement of healthcare made me realize that nurses have a special role in enhancing a community’s wellbeing. Some of the theories for example helped me to understand the role of nurses’ cultural competence in provision of relevant care to a diverse population, while other theories helped me appreciate how environmental aspects influence the efficacy of care in restoring the health of a patient. With this background, I believe that I have the foundational knowledge on which I can build during the Msc. Program to offer better care to clients in my future nursing roles.

During the course on my practicum and on completion of my undergraduate studies, I also got the opportunity to gain work-related experience that has helped me to grow as a nurse. During these work experiences, I have gained a better appreciation of role of aspects such as nurse staffing levels, evidence-based treatment practices, and collaboration with other healthcare stakeholders in bettering patient outcomes. More so, during these work experience, I was able to receive the guidance from senior colleagues on various clinical processes, which has helped me enhance my expertise in provision of care. During the Msc. Course, I hope to utilize these experiences to promote a lively and collaborative learning environment with my peers and faculty.

In choosing to pursue the Msc. in nursing, I am informed by the importance of this qualification in meeting my career goals. In future, I desire to be a leading nursing consultant who can help in formulation of healthcare policies at the national and international levels. In this respect, I hope to develop a succinct knowledge of contemporary issues facing healthcare provision such as implementation of electronic health records, effective staffing mix, culturally relevant nursing practices, and integrating evidence-based practices in nursing care. I believe that completing the postgraduate degree will enable me to participate at such levels and help to better care provision in a context where the need for quality care is rising.

To be able to learn effectively, I was looking for an institution that will offer me a flexible learning schedule and, at the same time, offer a challenging curriculum to motivate me to put more effort. Therefore, I chose [name of University] because it offers a flexible learning environment but still maintains a stringent curriculum that enables the preparation of an all-rounded professional. Having a program that meets my desire for professional development and that allows me to continue working influenced my choice of [name of University].

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