Sample Cover letter

(Your address)


(Recipient’s address)

Dear (Name of the Designated Recipient):

Your talk on the career paths available for accountants during the [name of the university] career week was very informative. I was specifically impressed on your articulation of the diverse trajectories that graduates in accounting can take to grow their career. From your presentation, I became more convinced that a career in accounting would be very fulfilling. I am thus seeking an internship position with your entity so that I can lay a sound foundation for a future career in accounting. I expect to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in accounting in [indicate year] and have a cumulative GPA of 3.3. I also intend to take CPA exams to establish myself as an accounting professional. Please find attached my curriculum vitae, which details my other academic qualifications that support my suitability for the internship.

My application to your entity is informed by various reasons. Firstly, the global reach of your firm will offer me avenues to gain widespread experience on differences in accounting practices in various countries.  Your discussion of the available career progression opportunities within your firm also highlighted your firm’s dedication to developing leadership skills of its staff. Moreover, your firm’s support of teams as a basis for organizing work aligns with my preferences for a collaborative work environment.

My desire to work with your firm also arises from specific skills I have gained in my previous work engagements. Some of these include:

  • Communication skills that I gained while working with XYZ company as a sales representative
  • Analytical skills that I gained while working with ABC company as an investment assistant.
  • Leadership skills when I served as the captain of our university’s team

I believe that your organization will offer me the opportunity to grow as an accountant. I hope to hear from you with a possibility of discussing further how my skills fit your firm’s needs.


(Name & signature).

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