Sample memo – Mauna Loa Café memo

The contemporary business environment characterized by increased competition has enhanced the challenges that Mauna Loa Café faces. More than ever, the café needs to satisfy customer needs and meet their expectations to sustain growth by leveraging customer loyalty. As more competitors join the market, we, the entity, need to reposition the customer as the center of our operations to create a unique experience that will retain existing customers and encourage more to try our offerings. I am confident that we can offer options that are more relevant to our customers by leveraging technology and store redesign to realize available opportunities as outlined subsequently.

Establishing a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) system

A customer relationship management (CRM) system offers various advantages for Mauna Loa Café. Firstly, using database technologies, the CRM system will allow the café to monitor customer spending habits and preferences, which will allow us to offer them better options based on such preferences. For instance, a well-implemented CRM strategy will allow us offer special treats that are relevant to the customers. To exemplify, the CRM system will allow the café to give out coupons to customers based on the time they are most likely to patron the premises thus increasing the redemption rates for the coupons. Similarly, the CRM will allow promotional messages to be sent only to those customers who have opted-in for such messages and, in that way, foster the perception of the entity as a trustworthy partner. Further, CRM can help us develop an authentic loyalty-card program by providing a means that tracks points earned by customers on their spending, thus allowing us to offer them discounts in a timely manner. Accordingly, such a strategy will encourage customers to continue taking their coffee in our stores.

Social media strategy

Social media has become a core way of socialization in the modern day. Rather than viewing social media as a threat to our business, we need to develop a social media strategy that will benefit the café. One way would be to use the social media as a way to engage customers, for instance, to get their feedback on the offers at the café and suggest changes. In this way, the café will influence the communication of its brand in social media networks rather than leaving it to third parties to influence such communication. When this happens, the café will be able to save on advertising costs since social media participation will serve as a channel for word-of-mouth promotion. When the social media strategy is integrated to an interactive website, the café can make the customers feel a part of the entity, thus present psychological barriers when other competitors try to lure them into their products. As such, we will be able to sustain the existing market share that will serve as a foundation to acquire more customers.

Store redesign

Ultimately, to retain customers, the café will need to create an exceptional experience for clients who visit its stores. In this respect, a redesign of the stores is needed to provide space that will offer customers free access to internet facilities within the store. This will enable the café to attract customers who need to access the internet for personal purposes when in short breaks from their work. By creating such a facility, the café will be able to develop a brand associated with quality and thus retain customers even when cheaper alternative are availed in the market.

As highlighted above, Mauna Loa Café needs to embark on a customer-centered strategy to wade off competition from other market players. I am confident that by capitalizing on the opportunities offered by technology, and redesigning our stores to support such technology, Mauna Loa Café will be entity where customers not only but the products, but the experience associated with them.


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