Sample memo

From: (your name)

To: The Management, Bombardier.

Subject: Application for the Position of the Belgium Country Manager.

Dear [Name]:

I would like to tender my application to the position of a country director for your planned expansion activities in Belgium. This follows the analysis of the potential that the Country provides in furthering the Growth of Bombardier. Such a position would require a person capable of handling the challenges the environment provides, a role that I am confident I can perform. The position for example requires a person cognizant with the Belgian customs such as the languages that are spoken in the entire region. This is because the proposed expansion would not be beneficial if only it was targeted to a particular region rather that the country in its entirety. The understanding of the government policies governing multinational corporations is also essential in this role. An example is the different policies adopted for subsidiary and fully autonomous branches that are applied by the Belgium government (EALG 2). Knowledge of such incentives would place the country manager at a better position to advise the group management on the form of business entity that would be most advantageous to the group. It is also important for the successful candidate to have strong interpersonal skills and be capable of observing the formal nature and courtesy with which the Belgians conduct their business meetings and correspondence (NZTE 10). An international experience is also requisite for such a person so that matters such as the effect of a common currency and differences in the exchange rates of currencies of trading partners would not provide a hindrance to the development of sound expansion plans.

To this end I would like to highlight my personal strengths that will help me perform the assigned duties and the weaknesses that am determined to overcome. One of such strengths is that I am a multilingual personality with adept knowledge of English, and French. My business and managerial education has also acquainted me with useful knowledge an example being an in-depth knowledge of the currency aspects of different world regions. Having previously worked with a big group of people, I have also developed strong interpersonal skills that would help me in managerial duties. The language barrier as relates to Dutch would however prove a challenge for the appointment. The use of a translator, for example would not allow for direct interaction with the workforce thus could lead to disconnect between the lower workforce in the organization chart and me hence curtail performance. Another challenge is my lack of prior working experience in Belgium. Such challenge is relevant in respect to the differences that exist between the Belgium environment and other environments that I have offered my services in. These challenges are however aspects I wish to address partially or fully before assuming office.

My plan to address the various challenges would comprise an immediate learning of the relevant languages and cultural aspects of the Belgians that am not familiar with. Further my intention would be to travel to the region and perfect some of these customs prior to my deployment. Though these would greatly enhance my preparedness for the job, I believe the real job performance will provide the requisite experience and country specific challenges that would further enhance my managerial skills in future assignments. I intend to progressively continue ameliorating my managerial skills through attendance of seminars and further education forums relevant to the work that I will be carrying out.

Thank you for the invitation for this job opportunity and I am confident that together we will make Bombardier the preferred solution for Belgium Aerospace and transportation needs.

Best regards,

(Your name)

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