Starbuck’s Strategic human resource management case study – Business Strategy and Human Resource Strategy

Starbucks’ business strategy is to achieve growth through measured expansion in regions it has established itself and accelerating growth in regions where there is potential for growth e.g. China (‘taking on the world’ 2004; Starbucks Corporation 2011a). The entity notes of the role that its human resource will play in achieving this strategy, for instance, aiming to “elevate and honour the partner experience” in the course of meeting the business objectives (Starbucks Corporation 2011a). By linking HR strategy to business strategy, HR policies and practices would enhance business outcomes since they would reflect the external and internal environments of the entity (Kane & Palmer 1995).

One way of aligning HR strategy with the business strategy has been suggested as inclusion of HR managers in the decision-making organs of the entity. This arises since such inclusion would enable the HR department participate in the planning process and influence the planning processes at a higher level hence ensure implementation (Caldwell 2011; Kelly & Gennard 1996). Starbucks recognizes such importance of HR department with the HR head being among the senior leadership team (Starbucks Corporation 2011d). Such a strategic alignment of the HR strategy with the business strategy has helped the entity to institute training and career development plans that enhance the entities capacity to compete effectively (Evans & Hansen 2010). Go to conclusion here.

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