Strategic plan| Home pick-up and delivery laundry services

Developing a business plan is essential to every organization irrespective of its size. Through a strategic plan an entity is able to identify long-term business objectives and have guideline towards achieving these goals (Policastro, n.d). In the modern day competitive business environment the need for having a strategic plan is not only reinforced for large organizations but also for small entities who wish to attain sustainable growth. First the rapid change in technological aspects has made business management a complex activity necessitating the presence of a framework to predict and align quickly to changes in the market. By having a strategic plan an entity is able to identify opportunities and threats that may prevent utilization of such opportunities. Further a strategic plan provides a chance for the organization to identify its strengths and weaknesses and develop a means through which it can communicate its innovation to stakeholders, clients and financers. Strategic plans thus serve to identify the organizations desired future and the steps that are required to attain such a future.

This paper seeks to develop a strategic plan for Home pick-up and delivery laundry services (HPDLS). A clear vision for the company and a mission statement will be provided in order to inform the strategic plan development. Further an analysis of the firm’s strengths and weaknesses and the opportunities and threats provided by the external environment (SWOT analysis) will be carried out. The key factors that will determine the success of the business such as marketing activities will be indentified and an evaluation of current competition strengths and weaknesses carried out. Armed with this information the company’s goals and specific objectives will be formulated and a strategy to achieve these delineated. How the plan will be put into action and establishing controls and checks for this plan shall be discussed in the final sections of the paper.

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