Target Market and Strategic Positioning – The Club

The Club’s target market can be determined from the current members’ statistics and the expected changes in the future. The British and Irish expatriates continue to be an important segment that the Club should target due to their high patronage of the Club’s facilities (Department of Marketing n.d. p. 12). In this respect, the Club should run promotion campaigns in the UK and Ireland targeting individuals relocating or visiting the UAE for instance by buying advertising platforms in airports and forming alliances with tour companies. However, the Club should also target South Africans and Americans whose numbers are expected to increase as they move to realize business opportunities in the UAE (Department of Marketing n.d. p. 6). In targeting the Americans and South Africans, the club should emphasize the cultural similarities between such groups and the predominant patrons (the Irish and Britons) thus creating a sense of familiarity and comfort in visiting the Club’s premises.

Since the Club brands itself as a place for expatriates to reconnect with their home sociocultural environments, in accordance to its mission, it needs to continue targeting all age groups and genders. Such a target will provide the Club with a wide spectrum of customers, thus not restricting its business to periods when a specific target group are free from their occupational commitments.

In terms of positioning, the Club has positioned itself as a competitive-price establishment, where members can assess a wide range of services (Department of Marketing n.d., p. 7). In this respect, the Club should consider establishing a bundle pricing strategy where the members can get access to various services from a single fee payment (Rust & Chung 2006). Additionally, the Club’s positioning as a provider of diverse services, requires it to establish flexible plans that allow members access to different activities offered by the different facilities at the Club.

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