The Club’s Total Service Marketing Mix

The Club’s service product mix is guided by the club’s mission statement, which places its members’ expectations at the core of the Club’s operations and expansion programs (Department of Marketing n.d., p. 2). The Club’s products are divided into four product lines: dining and entertainment products, recreation and leisure, sports and fitness and junior activities (Department of Marketing n.d., pp. 9 – 10; The Club 2012d). The dining and entertainment products include The Vista, Club bar, The Restaurant, Beach bar and professional entertainment (Department of Marketing n.d., pp. 9 – 10; The Club 2012d). The sports and fitness products include squash, diving, sailing, tennis, gym and martial arts (Department of Marketing n.d., pp. 9 – 10; The Club 2012d). The recreation and leisure products include Abu Dhabi Dramatic Society, library, boat cruises and dancing (Department of Marketing n.d., pp. 9 – 10; The Club 2012d). The junior activities products are targeted at the Club’s junior members and include such activities as summer camps and painting and drawing (Department of Marketing n.d., pp. 9 – 10; The Club 2012d). With such a broad service product mix, the club faces competition from a wide variety of hospitality players including five star hotels such as Hiltonia, Beach Rotana, Meridien, and Sheraton (Department of Marketing n.d., p. 8). Other competitors in respective sections are Marina Yacht Club and Abu Dhabi Health & Fitness (Department of Marketing n.d., p. 8).

The service product mix of the Club is broad, long, deep and consistent (Rao 2011, p. 234). The broad nature arises from the Club’s multiple product lines; the length arises from the presence of multiple services in the entire product mix, whereas the depth arises from the existence of various variants in each product line (Rao 2011, p. 234). Finally, the consistency arises out of the close relation of the products offered at the Club. Exemplifying such concepts include the multiple services offered in the Sports and fitness product line and the offering of food and beverages at facilities that span different product lines (Department of Marketing n.d., p. 10).

For each individual service, an analysis of the core service and the facilitating and supporting services, the flower concept of service, can help the Club to determine how different aspects add value to the provision of the core service (Rao 2011, pp. 224 – 227). For instance, the flower concept of the Vista (appendix figure 1), highlights how various aspects work towards enhancing the dining experience (the core service) for the customers. In this model, information, order taking, billing and payment serve as the facilitating services for the dining experience (Rao 2011). The hospitality, caretaking, exceptions and consultations enhance the value of the core service (dining) offered at the Vista (Rao 2011). Such aspects imply that the Club should strive to ensure that its facilitating services are efficient and value-enhancing activities consistent to better its core service.

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